Spring is around the corner! For Vancouver.

Combinations are always big! Vancouver's spring is chilly this 2017. Trending floral colours coming in bold and flashy, your roasted palettes of reds, ironic beauty in the dampen colours and of course as always your cool tones of grey.

Click here to see spring 2017 floral trends by: floranext.

This year's spring trend in 2017 is right up our alley, we can't wait for whats to come for this season.

One of the best combination we love here at concept floral is with Queen Anne's Lace.
Meaning: Named after both queen Anne of Denmark and Queen Anne of Great Britain, Queen Anne's lace got its name because of its resemblance to lace. 
Season: Spring through Summer.

It's subtle colours, and detailed lace patterns adds the last sparkle to your main flowers.
They go well with everything and even on its own.



Daucus carota

known as Queen Anne's lace.is an invasive biennial herb that smells like a carrot and grows 3-4' tall, blooming from May to October. This plant shows an umbrella-shaped flower cluster at the top of a central stem, with one or more additional hairy hollow stems. It's slender, woody taproot is carrot-like in smell and taste.  


       cotton stems